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Clear out the clutter

Clear out the clutter

It's that time of the year again and the winter blues are hitting us hard! It's cold, it's gloomy and we're being encased in mountains of that fluffy white stuff we really only want at Christmas-at least some us that is! 

Lucky for us, the fashion industry is always looking forward and ahead of the weather. We may look outside and see winter but inside there is a shift happening. Rich cozy textures of fall are slowly being pushed back to make room for colourful patterns, light fabrics and a warm breath of fresh air.

This also means it's time to take stock of wardrobes, both here and at home. Now is the best time to dig in, clear out the clutter and see what you need from Spring/Summer 2016. Good rule of thumb we use in our personal closets: if you haven't worn in two years, you obviously haven't missed it so give it to someone who will love it! If it's something work appropriate and in good shape, please consider donating to Kingston's Dress for Success program. Nothing better than women helping women enter the workforce feeling confident and good about themselves. Of course there are many any other charities to donate to, the point is if you aren't enjoying it, let someone else!

We are looking forward to all that the warmer weather has to bring and to make room for all these new summer goodies we are having a clearance sale! Enjoy 60%-70% off winter clothing and select winter footwear. As always fashion friends, some exceptions apply. There are some real gems left waiting for a good home!