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Change can be a good thing

Change can be a good thing

The one great thing about fashion is that it's never static, never boring, and always looking to the future. Sure, we all have our tried and true shapes and colours we tend to gravitate towards but, the nice thing is, something new is always there ready and waiting to become a part of our wardrobe. 

For a lot of woman change can be scary, daring to try a new silhouette...a little unnerving. However, we sometimes forget that over the years our body shape changes, our hair colour changes and most important, our attitude changes and attitude is everything in fashion! 

A great client came in just the other day, looked at us and said "Girls, I'm due for a little pick me up!" She had recently undergone breast reduction surgery and wasn't quite sure how to manage her previous style with her new body. What she did know, was that the shapes she used to wear were a no-go. Her posture had changed and she now carried herself completely different from before. She wanted an outfit to match her new attitude.

We first attacked the bra situation. Of course her size was reduced but more importantly, the style and shape of bra that suited her changed as well. She was now comfortably placed in a balconnet style, not the three part full cup she was accustomed to. With the "girls" in the right home, we hit the clothing side. Naturally she was apprehensive about certain shapes but with a little coaxing she was doing her happy dance in on trend pieces she thought she would never be able to pull off. 

The moral of this story ladies, trying something new, no matter how strange it may feel, can be a good thing. Be fearless!